On April 16th 1998, TOP-Service für Lingualtechnik GmbH was founded in Bad Essen, a rural district of Osnabrück. The company’s name derives from Transfer Optimized Positioning, a way of using stock brackets in a manual lab process to manufacture a lingual appliance.


TOP-Service celebrates its 20th anniversary as well as 10 years of 3M in Bad Essen.

An in-house state-of-the-art software is fully introduced in the digital setup department.


The 3M™ Incognito™ bracket with Tip Bar is launched.

New scan technology for model digitalization is implemented.


Adapted archwires for malocclusions with gaps extend our portfolio for customers.

The prototyping process has been further refined to optimize the bracket surface.

New technology for slot precision improvement is fully integrated into the manufacturing process.


A specialized department is formed for the processing of intraoral scan data.

A state-of-the-art 3D printing technology is implemented in manufacturing. Tapping into the expertise of 3M in the field of material development, a highly specialized printing material is successfully put into operation.

The 3M™ AlastiKTM Lingual Ligatures are launched.


The portfolio of TOP-Service is enriched by further innovations:

  • Being digitally manufactured the patented 3M™ IncognitoTM Clear Precision Tray allows an even more precise positioning of the brackets on the inside.
  • The 3M™ Incognito™ Low Profile Posterior Bracket is launched. The  bracket profile becomes even flatter and moves the slot even closer to the tooth axis.
  • The 3M™ Incognito™ Appliance System becomes compatible with the 3M™ Forsus™ Fatigue Resistant Device.
  • With the validation of the first intraoral scanner our customers receive the additional option of uploading their digital impressions to the 3M™ Unitek™ Treatment Management Portal.


TOP-Service celebrates its 15th anniversary.

An additional profession is offered at TOP-Service: The apprenticeship for qualified IT specialists for systems integration starts in August.

Another step of the digital workflow is added with the introduction of the 3M™ Unitek™ Treatment Management Portal (TMP). It provides a simplified and faster order processing and tracking as well as better communication with our customers at a single point of contact in full accordance with data privacy protection.


The future is digital. As part of the digital strategy the first digital setup[1] is created. From now on, our customers can choose either physical setup models or digital setups that also comprise high quality 3D pictures of both setup and malocclusion[2] of the patient.

The 3M™ IncognitoTM Lite Appliance System wins the Red Dot Design Award in the product design category.

[1] Setup: Setup means realignment of the teeth. A representation of the patient’s initial situation is used to set up the teeth individually according to the orthodontist’s treatment plan. This procedure allows for a comparison of the “is” and “should” situation of the patient’s teeth.

[2] Malocclusion: A malocclusion is a misalignment of teeth or incorrect relation between the teeth of the two dental arches.


Within one year, the 3M™ Incognito™ Lite Appliance System is launched in the market and thus expands the treatment options for our customers. With this appliance, ordinary malpositions of the patient’s front teeth, also called the “social six”, can be corrected.

The so-called In Lab Days are regularly offered to customers who visit Bad Essen.


TOP-Service becomes an apprenticeship training provider! The first industrial clerk starts her apprenticeship.

Lean Six Sigma tools are introduced and now constantly used to optimize the manufacturing processes.


TOP-Service achieves certification according to the ISO norm 13485 for its quality management system regulating the manufacturing process. The generally acknowledged approval certificate simplifies e.g. the distribution of the appliance in foreign markets, for example in Asia.

On August 1st 2008, the multinational group 3M acquires TOP-Service. All jobs are secured. Since then, TOP-Service is a subsidiary of 3M Germany and belongs to 3M’s Health Care business division.

New possibilities of using 3M’s technology expertise as well as resources in research and development accelerate the digitalization of product and production. TOP-Service and the Bad Essen site keep growing.


In March 2007, TOP-Service moves from the center of Bad Essen into new facilities at the Schledehauser Strasse. Consequently, existing capacities are significantly increased and manufacturing processes are optimized.




Planning and construction of the new company’s building next to the Wiehengebirge forest begin.


Additional premises to enlarge production space are rented in the center of Bad Essen in order to meet the increasing demand of the orthodontic market.

TOP-Service attends the ESLO (European Society for Lingual Orthodontics) exposition in Venice and successfully hosts one of its first Incognito™ Users’ Meetings.

New machines, the setup of the prototyping department and the production of in-house wires further modernize the manufacturing process.

An ERP system is installed and new organizational structures are implemented within the company.


Incognito™ is officially launched as fully individualized lingual braces. At the time, around 35 employees produce approximately 35 appliances per week.

The first official certification course for Incognito™ users is taking place.


TOP-Service started using rapid prototyping processes, today known as 3D-printing or additive manufacturing, for the production of individualized brackets on a small scale. In the beginning, small-sized laboratory machines manufactured only a few arches in wax per run.

The first completely individualized lingual appliance is produced.

The digital design of individualized brackets and pre-serial production of lingual appliances start. Meanwhile, other orthodontists are involved to optimize the appliance.

The manufacturing processes and particular Incognito™ product features are registered at the European Patents’ Office.